Highway Retail is changing thanks to Aritraa

Aritraa & Highway Retail Areas

Highway Retail in India is amid a rapid transformation in terms of roads and highways infrastructure. The Highways in India are improving dramatically because of government infrastructure planning and spending.

A sample of this is the fact that over 10,800 kilometers of highways have been built in 2018-19, at 30 km a day.

Among others, 22 green expressways at an estimated cost of Rs 3.10 lakh crore. This comprising 7,500 km planned to be completed in the next couple of years, Road Transport minister Nitin Gadkari had said.

This has implications for many of us, including those in the highways and fuel retailing businesses.

First, services needed by the highway users need to adapt to the rapidly changing realities. People need more than fuel and a toilet, although the clean toilet is especially needed as four wheeler and family travel grow in volume throughout the new areas.

Since the quality of the highways has undergone a change in the last few years, it is only natural that commuters expect a similar turnaround in highway retail and quality. Travelers need safe rest areas to keep both drivers refreshed and family members in good spirits.

We will see an evolution in cleanliness, open green rest parks and exercise areas. This together with hygienic food & beverage and snack areas will change and improve travel for families and all drivers.

In some cases they will associate these Highway Retail areas having upgraded facilities with Fuel Stations and Electric Recharge locations. They might also be independent yet adjacent and have some thoughtful inter-linkages.

Aritraa as a pro-active thought leader is helping its clients address the future. Aritraa will be one of the first to lead the constant change. This is needed to keep being the first choice for travelers to stop, refresh and go safely onward with the journey.